Smart textiles - Modernisation of curriculum of Textile Engineering and Textile Technology in Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan (SMARTEX)



Deliverable 1.1 Report on competence profile for graduates of textile related bachelor studies in compliance with the needs of the labour market and EU good practices. Download

The report includes:

  1. an analysis of the competences needed for graduates of textile engineering bachelor’s degrees,
  2. analysis of the requirements of educational standards to the level of formation of professional competence of future textile engineers,
  3. analysis of the legislative and regulatory framework of higher education and industry.

Deliverable 1.2 Report on benchmarking report on bachelor level course related to textiles between EU and Asia Universities. Download

The report includes an analysis of the state of the art of Higher Education curriculums related to smart and technical textiles in EU and recommendations for transfer in Asian countries.

Deliverable 1.3 Context report for internship programmes. Download

The report includes an analysis for internship programmes requirements in Asian Universities and analysis of the legislative and regulatory framework for internships in Higher Education in each country. 

Deliverable 2.1 New curricula for Asian Universities. Download

This output includes the development of new or the modernisation of existing curriculums of each Asian University.

Deliverable 2.2 New modules in Asian Universities. Download

Development of new courses for existing bachelor programmes in Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Institut Teknologi Bandung (Faculty of Visual Art and Design), Bahauddin Zakariya University and NED University of Engineering & Technology.

Deliverable 2.3 Updated modules in Asian Universities. Download

Update of existing courses for existing bachelor programmes in Universiti Teknologi MARA (Textile science and fashion technology) and Politeknik STTT Bandung.

Deliverable 2.4 Learning material for students. Download

Learning materials for each of the new or updated courses. These training materials are designed to be used for the delivery of the courses and to be used for the pilot testing.

Deliverable 3.1 Methodological guide for internship programmes in Asian Universities. Download in English, Indonesian, Malay, Urdu

Methodological guide for the implementation of internship programmes. The guidelines include a quality framework for the delivery of internship programmes, general guidelines and good practices from EU partner universities. Each good practice involves the description of the scheme of cooperation between HEI and industry, a short history, the challenges faced and lessons learned.

Deliverable 4.1 Methodological guide for new teaching/learning methods. Download

This output involves the delivery of training material for the training of academic staff of Asian Universities. The training material are used during the training of trainers described in O4.2. 

Deliverable 5.1 Framework for international exchanges of studentsDownload

Since the Asian Universities cannot reach companies or organisations operating in the textiles sector for the realisation of international internships, the partners' sign agreements, where the internships are conducted through the EU Universities, who also supervise their implementation.
The output includes guidelines, procedures, quality assurance steps, assessment guidelines and partnership agreements for the realisation of internships through EU partner Universities.
These agreements will continue to be valid even after the end of the project.
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